Take a good care of yourself

Beauty tips and cosmetic products

Fashion Trends

To stay fashionable, it is advised to follow the spring-summer trends. The spring-summer collections are both colourful and soft. Among the pieces considered to be fashionable essentials are trouser suits, dungarees and more items that you can discover for instance at Mode Inside.

The dressing room for fashion-conscious people looks like an invitation to travel. Indeed, some new items will be present in the wardrobe to add spice to the summer. Fashion trends are pop colours as well as aspirations from other countries.

Stay trendy, focus on light and fluid materials, small flounces and embroideries, long dresses… We can also notice that the collections are inspired by the 90s. This is the case for the return of the sportswear style, the brassiere and flashy colours.

Fashion Trends

Fashion designer

A stylist works on a style of products taking into account the customer.

Women's perfume?

One little drop of perfume is enough to make a woman more sensual.

Men's Perfume

Men's passion for perfume is growing more and more.

Foot deodorant

Use deodorant on your feet to reduce unpleasant smells.

Shaving Products

Beard soap, shaving cream, shaving oil, stick, foam, gel...

Hair Care

A shiny hair is a sign of healthy hair..take a good care of your hair.


Face & Body

Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene

Proper personal hygiene is the first step to good health. It includes a set of daily processes that keep the body clean. The choice of hygiene products for showering varies according to the skin and the different parts of the body you wish to clean.

Hair care

Hair care

To maintain your hair and keep it healthy all year round, you have to take into account the nature of your hair. Some products and techniques are more suitable for specific hair. Moisturizing shampoos and some masks help to keep hair looking its best.

Body care

Body care

To stay beautiful or handsome, it is important to take care of your beauty every day. The key to taking good care of your body is to know how to pamper yourself. Certain body products are essential to maintain the skin’s hydration.

Natural Beauty

You can have a glowing skin without having to spend a fortune on luxurious beauty products. Indeed, some grandmother’s remedies and organic products are enough to enhance its natural beauty.

Being in a good mood can be enough to enhance one’s beauty. Laughing for example is an anti-stress and gymnastics to tone up the face.

Organic cosmetics

Various cosmetic products

Cosmetic products are substances or mixtures used to cleanse, modify the appearance, perfume and protect parts of the body. There is a wide range of body products on the market: foundation, face mask, lotions, gels and oils, sunscreen products, anti-wrinkle, bath and shower products, make-up… Cosmetics are also hygiene products. This is the case for soaps, deodorant, anti-perspirant, intimate hygiene, dental and oral hygiene. Hair products and perfumes are also other categories of cosmetics.

Relooking tips

Some relooking tricks are economical and practical. It is the case of a change of haircut, the use of new mascara…

Velvet ribbon, hair clip, clip, floral scarf… there are several accessories to change your hairstyle. Sometimes, a simple gesture is enough to change your look. This is the case when changing the side of your parting. A simple comb is enough for the transformation.