Choosing a fragrance: the ideal fragrance for babies

Given the sensitivity and fragility of an infant's skin, it is important to choose a baby fragrance based on this first criterion. Then, for the baby to be comfortable, the scent must be soft and light, this is the second criterion. Finally, the third criterion is the very composition of the perfume, which must respect the baby's health in the compositions and the alcohol content of the perfume. Perfuming a baby must be a real call to cuddles.

The composition of baby perfume

First and foremost and the first golden rule before buying a baby fragrance is to respect the baby's well-being and health. Therefore, you need a fragrance that is alcohol-free, hypoallergenic, and dermatologically tested. In short, buying a baby perfume means avoiding all risks of harming baby's health first and foremost. Buy a perfume made from natural products that are not astringent and non-allergenic. The softest possible fragrance is the best. In fact, many brands have focused more on the composition of the perfume than on the scent itself. Also, most baby fragrances are safe to use, even when sprayed directly on baby's skin.

Fragrance for a baby girl

Many are the perfumes on the market to perfume a baby girl. Indeed, like any baby fragrance, baby girl fragrances are even sweeter, lighter or even more airy and floral. To perfume a baby girl, the majority of parents rely on very soft notes and fragrances enriched with thermal water for more hydration. Buying a perfume for a baby girl also means focusing on the design and the box, which is often very "girly" or refined, or in pink and its shades, and often accompanied by a little doll or a little cuddly toy. Perfumes for baby girls are always in the image of the softness and delicacy of a girl or the pretty princess in the making.

Perfume for a baby boy

The perfume for baby boys is much more sought-after, especially in terms of scents. Combination of freshness and a little "complexity", to perfume a baby boy, fragrances are more oriented towards acidic or musky scents. These scents are more dynamic, lively and cheerful, very appropriate for baby boys. As for baby girl fragrances, the boxes accompanying the baby fragrance remain cute and often come with a cuddly toy or a toy. Despite these different scents, manufacturers do not skimp on the composition of baby fragrances because they always respect the sensitivity of the baby's skin. So perfuming a baby remains safe and buying a baby fragrance is a pleasure.
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