The professional secrets to find the right brand perfume!

For professionals in the fine fragrance and branded perfume sector, several parameters must be taken into account when choosing a fragrance, whether it is a men's or women's fragrance. Indeed, fragrance is a kind of signature for each person. It reflects one's personality or power in some people.

Choosing a perfume for women

Of course, buying a perfume for a woman is done according to her age. A perfume is different for a teenage girl than for a 30-year-old woman. A woman's perfume will be chosen according to this parameter because a 20-year-old woman looking to assert her personality has different expectations from a 40-year-old woman who is going through a desire for change in life. And so on for the great periods in a woman's life. Buying a woman's perfume also involves seduction! It is important for a woman the power of attraction. It is also important to choose a woman's perfume according to men's tastes and preferences. In order to turn heads or only the head of your lover's head, choose the perfume according to his personality. For example, the attentive man will prefer a classic and feminine fragrance. The funny man will rather succumb to the freshness of flowers by adding a little spice to the woman's scent. And the virile man will like any kind of fragrance or a mix of scents in modern and contemporary scents. Brainy men will obviously devote themselves to particular and inventive fragrances. The choice of a woman's fragrance is delicate too, inasmuch as it has to evoke the personality of each woman. It's a signature that is in tune with a woman's character and personality, as we've said over and over again. The type of natural woman should buy a fragrance oriented towards floral, fruity or spicy notes, which will bring out her spontaneity and freshness. If you consider yourself an intelligent woman, orient yourself in a niche fragrance that will stimulate the mystery and questioning of the people around you. A perfume for a business woman should be present where she passes by to show her determination and success, therefore a very feminine, strong and seductive fragrance. The choice of women's perfume is widened because it can also be made according to a brand or muse, or according to astrological signs, but also according to the style of clothing. A wide choice is offered!

Choosing a fragrance for men

If perfume has always been considered "reserved" for women, nowadays, many perfume brands have a wide range of men's fragrances that highlight each individual's personality. As with women's fragrances, men's fragrances can also be chosen according to age. That is to say, the fragrance emphasizes his lifestyle, his evolution throughout his life.  The perfume for the 30-year-old man should reflect his youth and his ardour and affirmation in his active life and passion. For a 50-year-old man, on the other hand, he is well established in his life and knows what he wants, so the ideal fragrance would be seductive and charismatic at the same time. At 70, a man knows and does what he wants, so he will probably prefer a fragrance with a woody and slightly virile tone. Men love women, so often buying a fragrance should match the type of woman they prefer or go with. A man who likes businesswomen should choose a fragrance that conveys virility, boldness and strength. If the woman is rather playful, a sensual, bold fragrance with woody and fruity notes will be very much appreciated. If she is a bimbo, who likes to be noticed, then a manly, seductive but imposing fragrance for men will be the best! Finally, each fragrance corresponds to a type of man. The golden rule remains: don't stray from your own personality. Indeed, the romantic man will devote himself more to a floral and aromatic fragrance. An artist will choose a perfume with oriental or woody notes that mark his sensitivity and mystery. A man's perfume for a business man will be imposing, lively, woody and oriental which will allow him to assert himself and impose himself while remaining sober and refined. If the man is bearded, who pays attention to his appearance; he will like elegant and noble fragrances, which reflect his elegance.

Branded fragrances

Branded perfume is often allied with luxury. In fact, several luxury or haute couture brands devote themselves to perfumery and the world of fragrances and scents. Even if perfume underlines and marks each person's personality, branded perfume highlights their social and financial status. The major luxury and beauty houses offer several fragrances and scents for women and men according to their personality, age and style. The branded fragrances for both women and men seduce their customers with their scent but also with their image through the bottle. This enhances the value of each branded fragrance. So today everyone agrees that buying a perfume is also buying its design and packaging! The big perfume brands put in harmony the bottle and the image. Most branded perfumes have their own muse to better launch a product. This adds a touch of luxury and prestige to a branded perfume. It's very important for the brand, but also for customers today to choose a fragrance according to the brand's muse.
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