Tips to keep the shine of the white gold rings

White, yellow or pink gold is a metal renowned for its inalterability, yet it is a fact that over the years and over time, gold jewellery becomes dull and loses its lustre. As gold jewellery is a very precious and timeless accessory for women, how can the shine of white gold rings are preserved?

How to clean white gold rings?

Sometimes it is better to have white gold rings cleaned by a jeweller to avoid damaging them further. Keeping the shine of white gold rings requires special products because this metal is special compared to yellow or pink gold. The fact is that most white gold rings or white gold jewellery are rhodium-plated. It is the wear and tear of the rhodium that tarnishes white gold jewellery. So the best way to keep the luster of white gold rings is to practice rhodium plating which is safer. For those who cannot go to the jeweler, it is easy to clean white gold rings with ammonia and water. Ammonia cleaning should be done daily to maintain the brilliance of white gold rings by soaking them in the solution for 10 to 20 minutes, removing them, drying on a clean towel and polishing with a soft, fluffy cloth.

Storing white gold jewellery

Like all precious jewellery and other accessories for women, they should be stored in their original cases. Storing jewellery protects it from shocks and dust that quickly tarnish it. So if you are not wearing your gold ring for a while, put it away. As white gold rings are more fragile, do not wear them during activities that involve contact with chlorine, bleach, salt water from the beach or other rough activities. Also, to maintain the luster of white gold rings, avoid spreading cream or lotion on your hands without removing them.

Care and verification of white gold jewellery

It is necessary to regularly check the condition of your white gold rings. Indeed it allows evaluating the maintenance to be done on them. In the check, it is necessary to examine the clasps, the settings, the chains. If there is really a problem that is not within your reach, it is important to take the women's accessories to a jeweller. You have all the cards in hand to keep the sparkle of white gold rings and women's accessories in general.
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