The latest fashion trends and novelties in women’s fashion!

Women's fashion trends for the year 2019 will focus on style and boldness! How? By mixing the modern and the old or we will see jewels everywhere in shoes, in clothes, in bags! A shopping full of surprises to shine all year round!

What to buy while shopping?

Women's fashion is really vast. It is a horizon that tends towards infinity! Also for the year 2019, fashion is emphasizing retro. This is what the major fashion magazines and fashion weeks are promoting. So the current fashion trends for women are square-toe sandals, jewelry pumps, and santiags for shoes for example. In clothing, corduroy can be found in skirts, blazers, pants or overalls. Also in clothing, the monogram will be found especially in tights for fall and winter. To mark the return of the old-fashioned style, put in your basket the cardigan to wear with belted high-waisted jeans. In the bags section, keep the beaded bag, the vinted bag to wear all year round, and the mini bag which will also have a big place this year.

How do I mix the pieces?

As the fashion trends for women this year is retro, well that could be good news for all women because all you have to do is take old pieces out of the closet. On the other hand, it will be necessary to customize to marry the pieces harmoniously and avoid fashion faux pas. In women's fashion trends this year; we notice the return of faux fur jackets to combine with jeans and boots. The same goes for animal print coats, always at the forefront of women's fashion, to be worn during the winter, with boots over rather casual dresses or trousers. To keep warm during the coldest periods, you can wear large knit sweaters, trench coats, leather jackets, turtleneck sweaters, wide blazers, or hoodies. Here are some ideas for your shopping! As for shoes, don't forget the white boots that are all the rage even among celebrities. The Converse is back with a vengeance this year as well. And finally, the remarkable entry of Dr Martens into women's fashion trends! The Converse is to be worn with a pair of jeans and leather jacket, and the white boots with jeans and a long jacket. On the bag side, we find the mini bags that are all the rage and this in the bucket style or in a pocket or shoulder strap! To each his own tastes and needs. Of course, the XXL tote bags are always in the place too.

Trendy accessories

We notice the XXL earrings, which are still a must this year. Retro sunglasses are making a strong comeback on the fashionista's shopping list. To make your little girl wise, opt for the barrette. For glamour and rhinestones for all occasions, wear rhinestone or chain belts, but also wide belts with a trendy logo this year. Adopting a modern-retro style isn't really old-fashioned this year, but rather a style that's well marked and daring! Women's fashion never ceases to surprise.
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