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The beginning of the fall season officially introduces the world to sweater weather. Traditionally, this is a season defined by cosy sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes. Nothing beats wearing your silver cardigan sweater once its cold, crisp air starts to kick in, and you have no option but to keep warm.

The following is a look at the types of jumpers you need to incorporate into your closet.Oversized

An oversized blue sweater is a must-have for the cold seasons. The best thing about this sweater is that you can either wear it as it is or choose to layer it with a button-up shirt. Regardless of your preferred style, an oversize sweater will come in handy during the fall and winter months.

Sweater Dress

Whether you are a professional woman, a stay at home mum, or a housewife, the sweater dress is among the clothes that should make an appearance in your closet. It’s a sweater you can wear with thigh-high boots, coot booties, or with tights. Either way, it’s something that will look good on you, and help you to keep warm throughout the day.

Choker Sweater

While many women like to look stylish when stepping out of the house, not all of them are comfortable with the idea of accessorizing. And this is what makes the choker sweater a good option. You will particularly like it if you don’t want to accessorize with necklaces. Having this sweater does away with the need for you to don a necklace.

Cropped Hoodie

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that you can’t show off some skin. Wearing a cropped hoodie makes it easier for you to show a little skin without exposing your body to the harsh cold outside. You have the option of buying an already cropped hoodie or make one yourself as part of a DIY project. Whichever option you go with, you should note that this is one trend that will help you stand out in the sea of women wearing all kinds of hoodies.

The Pullover Sweater

The pullover sweater represents a comprehensive grouping. In essence, any sweater that doesn’t hang open or doesn’t include buttons falls under the pullover category. Turtlenecks and tunics are, however, placed in unique categories due to their distinctive features. Among the non-tunic and non-turtle neck hoodies are two main differentiation points: V-neck or crew neck.

Cardigan Jumpers

The cardigan sweater got its name from James Brudenell, who served as the seventh Earl of Cardigan. A silver cardigan sweater comes with several options:

I. There’s a simple, albeit long-sleeved, cardigan with front buttons that you can throw over your fitted blouse or work shirt, &

II. Others that dispense with buttons entirely.

Open cardigans are looser and cut longer. They are meant to be worn open. For a laid-back slouchy look, you should wear them over your first clothing layer.

Wrap cardigans have a similar style, but they do come with a bathrobe-like belt or wrap. You can use the wrap or strap to cinch this garment.

The shawl collar is another distinct characteristic of the cardigan sweater. It can appear on both open and button-front cardigans. A shawl collar helps to provide an additional layer of folded down fabric meant to supply extra warmth to the neck region. It also gives the wearer a rustic look.


Of the selections and styles described above, the turtleneck is perhaps the easiest to identify and define. For a sweater to be called a turtleneck, it must completely cover the neck and have a high collar that can fold down on itself.

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