Nail make-up: nail polish, care, nail art and accessories!

Published on : 04 February 20203 min reading time

Nail art has been all the rage among fashionistas for a few years now! This technique combines fashion and fantasy. It was born in Asia, and continues to spread all over the world. In fact, it is mainly about putting color and a lot of imagination on the nails to get a sensational effect. Today, the tendency is to put a lot of colors, patterns, sometimes even drawings on classic nail polish like red nail polish for example. But nail make-up can also remain sober by opting for neutral or no-frills nail polish.

Definition of nail art

In nail art, the application of nail polish becomes a real performance. As its name suggests, it’s art! Starting with the simple application of nail polish to the decoration of nails with glitter, patterns, drawings, or piercings, nail art has something to surprise and is entering the fashion world as a real revolution. This is why many personalities are working on it to create a sensation and stand out from the crowd. Today, several cosmetic brands and specialized beauty sites offer several types of O.P.I nail polish and nail accessories to enhance nail art. Since nail art still requires special know-how, nail polish manufacturers offer ranges that will allow everyone to make up their nails by themselves, but also currently there are blogs, specialized tutorials that help women to access nail art, that even the most novice can get started.

What you need to know before starting nail art

Since the nails will be varnished with several colours, this technique requires a lot of maintenance and precautions. So before starting, you should practice thanks to the many tutorials available on the internet, but also invest in special nail care and quality nail polish such as O.P.I. nail polish. From red nail polish to Funny Bunny nail polish, O.P.I. nail polishes are undoubtedly of very high quality and offer rich and resistant colors. They are all the more prized by professionals because of their quality and the wide variety of colour pigments.

Traditional nail polishes

Even if nail art is all the rage, classic nail polishes such as Funny Bunny nail polish from O.P.I. or the very classic red nail polish are still very much appreciated by women. Nail make-up also requires a burr-free nail polish application using quality nail polish. The nails become more beautiful, refined, and reflect a certain image to each person through the colors. And when hands and nails are well cared for, it gives a guaranteed femme fatale effect! And, O.P.I. nail polishes offer high quality nail polish in both colors and care.

Also before applying the nail polish of your choice, don’t forget the base coat or primer and finish with a quality top coat to get colored nails for at least 7 days!

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