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Are you searching for the right lash extensions for your eyes? Maybe you have seen someone wearing beautiful eyelashes and wondering how to choose eyelash extension for yourself! You may be familiar with eyelashes, but you are looking to find the next-level eyelashes for a special event. You are in the right place, and in this post, you will learn everything you need to know to choose the best eyelash extensions. In the beauty industry, there are several kinds of lash extensions, including the synthetic, mink, and silk types. Once you choose the right lashes, they are applied by an eyelash technician utilizing a uniquely designed, semi-permanent adhesive that would not harm your natural lashes. Different individuals may develop allergies, but various adhesives are available depending on your body sensitivity.

How to Choose the Best Eyelash Diameter

The first and foremost thing for you to do is to choose the most suitable eyelash diameter. You will be able to establish the diameter of the natural eyelash extensions to utilize by first determining the diameter of your natural eyelash. The primary objective is to harmonize your natural lash diameter with that of the lash extension.

How to Choose The Best Eyelash Length

After determining the right diameter of your lash extensions, you will need to establish the length of your eyelash extension. Here, the objective is to enlarge your natural eyelashes. Next, you need to choose the style you prefer, determine if you want a drastic style, subtle or full. More lengthy lashes will look wispier, while shorter lashes that are applied close to your natural eyelash length would provide you with a fuller and darker look.

How to Choose The Best Eyelash Curl

Then after choosing the diameter and length, now you choose the right eyelash curl for you. There are several types of lash curls you can choose from, including:

  • J-Curl: This type of lash extension curl is best and the most natural lash curl implying that it is not extremely curled. You can choose the J curl if your natural eyelashes are straightened or curls downwards and if you want a conservative appearance.
  • B-Curl: This type of lash curl will provide you with a more lifted lash extension as compared to the J-curl. If you prefer not to feel the eyelashes in your inner corner, the B-curl type would be the best choice for you in that area.
  • C-Curl: This type of curl happens to be the most popular. It is usually applied due to its ability to develop an open eye effect while not looking too drastic.
  • D-Curl: This particular type of lash curl has gained popularity since they aim at having more lifted and more visible eyelash lining. It offers the most significant lift and appears to be the most dramatic type of curl.
  • L-Curl: This one appears like a letter "L" and offers a lift to your eyelash lines.

Always ensure you choose eye lash extensions that you are comfortable with, and that makes you feel great!

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