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Published on : 26 August 20215 min reading time

Natural stones make some of the most beautiful ornaments in the world. Their natural properties make them not only valuable but also divine. Scientists and engineers have realised the power of natural crystals. They have utilised them to make valuable products such as clocks, computers, phones, and any other product of technology you can think of. However, with different crystal Jewellery in the market, it is difficult to know which one is best for you.

For this reason, this article has prepared you a list of the healing properties that can be attained from wearing ornaments made from precious stones. Moreover, there is also a quick guide into choosing your sacred stone. Let us first see the benefits of wearing healing stone jewellery.

Benefits of Wearing Healing Crystal Jewellery

Our bodies have seven chakras that supply us with energy for everyday activities. When crystal jewellery is placed near the chakras, the crystals bring a healing effect. Different crystals contain distinct healing powers. Based on the disease, specific natural stone jewellery is used to heal the body. Below are some of the top healing effects got from crystal jewellery:

Heals your body, soul and mind. From ancient times, various stones such as gemstones and crystal jewellery have been used to enhance health. Just like our bodies absorb, store and radiate energy, natural stones do. By working on different chakras of our bodies, they heal our minds and clean our soul resulting in a healthy body. Promotes better health, good mood and physical powerStone virtues do not only enhance your beauty but improve your physical and mental health too. Natural stones such as rose quartz have inherent healing properties that make you kind, relaxed and attain peace of mind. Amethyst is known to combat high blood pressure, while aquamarine helps lower anxiety levels. Likewise, you can improve your metabolism by using coral stones. Do you want to augment your endurance and improve your mood? If you answer, yes, wear crystals such as Axinite. Using clear quartz; popularly known as The Master Healer; is a sure way of boosting your mood, physical power, and staying happy. Improves your decision-making capacity and protects you against negative feelings. Crystals are known to increase mental focus and attain lucidity. These stone properties are essential for improved judgement power. By stabilising your emotions, crystal jewellery such as Citrine, Mookaite and Amethyst help people make unbiased decisions. One of the primary benefits of wearing natural stone jewellery is that they provide litho therapy, protects you from psychic attacks and negative thoughts. Negative thoughts spoil your mood and day, and attack your confidence. To keep safe, you can choose stones such as Fire Agate, Pyrite, Amethyst, and Jade. It is worth a mention that some stones such as Amethyst have double healing properties. Amethyst protects against anger and helps in managing blood sugar. Boosts confidence.Confidence is one of the key pillars of success. Without it, we wouldn’t achieve our goals. Wear crystal bracelets, necklaces, pendants and bangles to boost your confidence level. For example, wearing aquamarine crystal jewellery improves communication skills and boosts self-confidence. Moreover, wearing a ring made of Aventurine or Red Calcite improves your confidence. For further information, visit the website www.minerals-kingdom.com.

Around the globe, healing crystals have been used for spiritual practice for ages. Today, the sacred use of such jewellery continues. By wearing natural stone jewellery, you connect with the spiritual world and gain a better understanding of the inner self. For instance, a precious natural stone such as Angelite helps you link with angles. In addition to enhancing your experience with the spiritual world, Angelite also has a litho therapy effect. In a nutshell, precious stones have distinct healing properties. Wearing crystals boosts your health, mood, confidence and enhances your prosperity in life. Thus, you must choose the stone virtues that synchronise best with you.

How to Choose Your Sacred Crystals

There are many stone properties and stone virtues that you can make good use of. Each crystal is designed to empower you towards success, better health, good mood, and living a happy life. You may choose a piece of healing jewellery based on your birthday. Another way to select your sacred stone is based on the weakness you want to work on. Perhaps, you can choose healing jewellery based on the challenge you’re facing. Other factors to consider when choosing your jewellery is based on your star, cleansing and healing purpose.

Quick Tips for Picking Your Jewellery

Are you stuck selecting your sacred stone? Below are quick tips:

-Follow your instinct. Which gem sparkles more than another, how does it make you feel?

-Consider your personality type or body shape. Big jewellery is ideal for people with a big personality and fat people.

-Use your body senses. Close your eyes and see which stone is best for you.

-Use your birth month, birth sign or star to make your choice.

-Traditional healing properties a particular stone offers. Is it traditional healing or psychic therapy?

Regardless of the procedure you use to select your sacred stone, you have to bear in mind that the stone you choose or wear can only be powerful as you let it be.

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