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The fact that there are so many eye shapes and eyelash extension styles means that shopping for the perfect fit is not a simple task. The charm offered by lashes is one that continues to lure women from all walks of life around the world. Chances are that you have already seen numerous prominent women and celebs using lash extensions. Often, most women resort to using false lashes as they help to make their eyes look brighter and bigger. Hair has curls, and so do your eyelashes. Think about it, people have varying lid types and eye shapes. It, therefore, makes sense that the same applies to lashes. Below is a look at how to choose the best eyelash extensions online according to

L Curl

When it comes to eyelash application, you’re required to carefully look at the shape of the lashes before the application can begin. L curl lashes, as their name suggests, often take on the shape of an “L”. The lashes have a flat base before taking on a curl pointing upwards. This kind of lashes is recommended for women with downward-facing and straight lashes. They will also work perfectly for those with bottom lashes. Women who have to wear glasses daily may also like them as they will not interfere with their glasses. Others who can benefit from this kind of lash are women who have mono-lid shaped eyes and those with hooded eyes. Stay away from these lashes if you have protruding or deep-set eyes.

Natural Curl

The Russian volume natural curl appears natural as suggested by its name. It does, however, come with a slight curl to it. It’s a lash type recommended for a woman who wants to have the ability to toss her mascara and retain some length as well. It also works perfectly for women that don’t have any major demands for their eyelashes.

C Curl and Curly Curl

The two types of eyelashes are quite similar. However, the curly curl lash tends to possess more curl than the C Curl. In the lash world, the two are the most common and often requested for lash extensions. Women like them because they are able to visually lift their eyes, thereby providing the eye with a somewhat more open look. They can achieve this effect without bringing onboard the drama associated with the D curls. Curly Curl and C Curl lashes aren’t recommended for women that have deep-set or protruding eye shapes as well as those with close-set eye shapes. On the other hand, they work perfectly for people with hooded and mono-lid eyes. Traditionally, this is a “beauty look” that every woman desires to get.

D Curl

If you are looking to achieve a dramatic effect, look no further than the D Curl. The lashes are big and often tend to feature a half-circle shape. Their shape helps make them the curliest lashes around, and also assists in dramatically opening the eyes of their wearer. A D Curl lash is typically used on naturally curly lash customers looking for an everyday wear extension. Their shorter versions work well for mature lashes. Customers with downward-facing or straight lashes will, unfortunately, be unable to benefit from these lashes. This is because they won’t be able to last for long. The tight curly shape of the D Curl doesn’t contain any steady base where it can be attached to the ordinary lash. Customers with hooded eye shapes and deep-set eye shapes are likely to find this particular look being too dramatic for them.

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