A facial scrub to deeply cleanse the skin!

For a clean and perfect skin, use a facial scrub once or twice a week. In addition to the exfoliation, apply a mask to complete this treatment for a deep cleansing of the skin. With the first use, the skin texture will be immediately radiant, clear and fresh. These skin care products will give you a radiant and glowing complexion. And, they can be concocted either by oneself or can be obtained in specialized institutes.

Definition and benefits of exfoliation

The scrub is a beauty gesture that serves to exfoliate the skin, to cleanse it deeply, and to be done weekly for best results. Thanks to exfoliation, the skin is rid of impurities and dead cells. Exfoliating the skin promotes the renewal of skin cells. Often combined with the application of a mask, the combination of these two skin care products gives a guaranteed healthy glow to the skin. Skin and facial specialists often recommend exfoliation before the mask. The facial exfoliation allows the mask to penetrate the skin better than if you put the mask on before exfoliation. As a reminder, the mask is a treatment that treats specific and targeted skin problems. It is a punctual or attack treatment. These two facial treatments are often forgotten during beauty routines when they can work miracles on the skin. They are complementary and thanks to good facial products, the skin regains a radiant and even complexion.

Types of scrubs

There are three types of facial scrubs: The scrub with grains has an immediate and superficial action. It can be used on the face as well as on the body. The scrub without grains acts more deeply and therefore less fast in the effects. It is ideal for skin with many imperfections and mature skin. The peeling is to be applied in a thin layer on the facial skin. It will be removed by massaging the skin slowly and circularly. Thanks to the peeling, dead cells and impurities will fall off by themselves.

The right gestures to adopt for an effective exfoliation

The most effective gesture to apply the scrub is to apply the face product in a circular motion. This is to improve the circulation of blood and this over the entire face and neck. For even more spectacular effects, as the scrub before the mask is more effective, dry the skin and apply the Guinot mask after finishing the Guinot scrub, rest and rinse as indicated. And according to the skin type of the face product ranges, especially scrub and mask, the Guinot facial beauty specialist offers adapted products and skin care. After this skin care, apply the adapted care cream or the usual care cream. The frequency of application of the mask obviously depends on the skin type of each person. For example, the mask can be applied if there is a particular problem with the face, so make a mask before exfoliation or mask alone, but always once or twice a week. For exfoliation, do it once or twice a week for oily skin, once a week will suffice for combination and normal skin, and once a month for dry and thin skin.
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