Removing make-up without water: it becomes possible with new methods!

Cleansing the skin is the essential and unavoidable step to have beautiful and healthy skin. And this, thanks to simple and effective make-up removal methods.

The different types of make-up removers

Currently, cosmetic products come in many different forms. On the one hand there are the organic cosmetics manufacturers who present natural make-up removers without chemical ingredients, and on the other hand there are the classic cosmetics manufacturers who display the best cleansers and make-up removers with ingredients reduced in chemical ingredients. Make-up removers are targeted according to skin type. Also, there are many products on the market such as make-up remover oils, and some even use pure vegetable oils. The next most widespread and most used for its softness is the cleansing milk. Micellar water is also very popular because of the freshness it provides. These make-up removers have the sole purpose of cleansing the skin, but also of removing impurities and make-up.

The steps of make-up removal

To have healthy skin and to repel the effects of premature aging, make-up removal and skin cleansing are essential steps to achieve this. Here's an easy way to remove make-up on a daily basis. For a successful make-up removal, take care to choose a make-up remover adapted to your skin type. Also, if you have dry or very sensitive skin, in the evening, apply a gentle and nourishing make-up remover. Choose make-up remover oil or make-up remover milk that allows you to cleanse your face of make-up deeply and gently thanks to their texture. For combination skin, all kinds of make-up removers are possible, depending on the skin's preference and need. For this type of skin, cleansing the face of make-up and dirt accumulated throughout the day is easier. On the other hand, for oily skin, it is better to prefer purifying gels or cleansing foams that leave a feeling of freshness while toning the skin and also while remaining soft. Then, cleanse the skin morning and evening to purify it deeply. A cleanser should be chosen according to the skin type. One opts especially for soft and soothing micellar water. Make-up removal is made perfect thanks to the micelles that capture impurities and excess sebum from the skin. Finally, the last step of make-up removal is to moisturize the skin morning and evening. Hydration is necessary to maintain the skin's hydrolipidic balance and protect it from external aggressions. Thanks to the hydration of the skin, the ageing of the skin is repelled. This step is highly recommended for oily and mature skin. Face care products are currently enriched with hyaluronic acid and reinforced with water.

Effective gestures for removing make-up

Already the make-up removal is to be done morning and evening even if the skin is not made up for all skin types. It is important to cleanse the face of make-up, remove impurities and dead cells. If you use the make-up remover oil, gently massage the skin, being careful to apply it all over the face, and rinse with clear water. If you use cleansing milk, use a cotton pad or wipe and rinse with clear water or remove it with a lotion. For micellar water, put some on a cotton pad and spread it all over the face to effectively remove impurities.
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