Face care: our daily beauty routine!

There are many face care products, especially products specially designed for all skin types, including creams, serums, lotions and others. But no matter how many facial products are available on the market, to have beautiful skin and a glowing appearance, it is important to have a good beauty ritual, morning and evening. The beauty routine boils down to cleansing, moisturizing, caring, protection, and is always done with great pleasure.

Know your skin type!

To adopt a beauty routine, it must be simple and effective at the same time. And this starts by getting to know your skin type so that you don't make mistakes when choosing facial products. The main skin types are normal skin, dry skin, combination skin and oily skin. Each skin type has its own face cream, beauty cream and anti-ageing care. The texture and hold of a beauty cream, for example, are not the same on these different skin types. Then, it is necessary to know that a skin can also be more dehydrated than another, or even more sensitive or more mature. All these points must be taken into account. You can always call on a professional to better determine your skin's needs.

Habits to take in the morning

Currently, the easiest and least expensive habit but also the trendiest is facial gymnastics on waking up. Thanks to facial gymnastics, wrinkles are reduced, facial muscles are more toned. Indeed, the movements of facial gymnastics are much targeted, especially at the level of frown lines and crow's feet. It gives you a peachy feeling as soon as you wake up. Cleansing remains on waking even if the face has been removed at night. The skin produces sebum and accumulates certain impurities during sleep. To do this, cleanse the face thoroughly with a toning lotion to tone the facial muscles and give a good glow to the face. Scrubbing, to be done only once or twice a week is sometimes necessary to exfoliate and to help the face better free itself from impurities and erase traces of fatigue and stress. Moisturizing the skin is the key habit of healthy skin. It is during this stage that facial products come into focus. In fact, depending on skin type or age, facial care cream differs from one person to another. The main effect of a daily facial cream should be long-lasting hydration. It is a leading beauty cream that protects during the day against pollution and premature aging of the skin. Erase imperfections thanks to targeted facial products such as correctors, illuminators, serums and adapted anti-ageing care. To attack a good day, it is necessary to use all the assets and weapons at one's disposal.

Evening routines

In the evening, make-up removal is the most important habit to adopt. Indeed, the skin has accumulated all sorts of impurities all day long due to pollution in particular and of course the effects of the sun. Therefore, it is necessary to use gentle face products that are always adapted to each skin type. This makes facial cleansing easier. Here, it will be necessary to choose a very gentle cleanser such as cleansing foams or micellar cleansing foam with a creamy and generous texture. It is in the evening that everyone can best apply the specific face care creams. Applying the right skin care in the evening is a very good routine, because there is not a lot of stress due to the weather, so face creams and anti-ageing skin care products penetrate the skin better and therefore bring more efficiency and care to the skin. For once or twice a week, applying a mask is beneficial for the skin to target even more skin imperfections such as excess sebum, lack of hydration, blackheads ... And finally, hydration again and again! Apply a face cream for the night and choose a rich and suitable facial cream that will help the skin to relax during the night.
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