Relaxation recipe: take a relaxing bubble bath

What could be better than a nice bath after a long day of hard work! Or indulge in a weekend of relaxation enjoying the best in body care with natural and quality products.

Relaxation: bath with body care products

A good bubble bath is relaxing and brings many benefits to body and mind. For a relaxing and fragrant bath, use the essential oils for a detoxification process of the lymphatic system. Dilute the oils beforehand to avoid skin irritation. Bath oils are used to give the bath a light and pleasant scent. They also have a moisturizing effect and are suitable for people with dry skin. It is important to use very little to avoid slipping in the bathtub. Baija products offer the "Moana" bath and body oil with tiare flower. The foaming shower gel is not only foaming but there are also those with colouring so that you can fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Thanks to the shower gel, the bath can last as long as you want and the smell is very pleasant. As for the foaming bread, it acts like the bath fizz but cheaper on the price side. It is easy to use, very fragrant and is available in different colours and even with glitter. You can also make do-it-yourself mixes with coarse salt, classic bath salts or oatmeal. On the internet many home-made recipes are available.

Before the bath

Scrub the entire body to remove dead cells before bathing. To do this, massage well the shoulders, back, stomach, buttocks, legs and feet. The body scrub is essential for the regeneration of cells. Thanks to this ritual the skin becomes satin-smooth, more supple and soft while keeping the muscles toned. Baija products also offer body scrubs according to your taste and body needs. After exfoliating and exfoliating the body, first rinse the body with a shower gel before plunging into the bath so that it can enjoy the benefits of the body care you have given it.

Ritual of a relaxing bath

First, time it. Take your relaxation bath before going to bed. Your body does intense regeneration while you sleep. A relaxation bath fuels the process by relaxing your muscles, stimulating blood circulation and increasing your body temperature, which helps the immune system fight toxins. In addition, the warm water provides therapeutic benefits. Second, choose the right time. Close your bathroom door before you run your relaxation bath and heat the water to a temperature of about 37 degrees. Research has shown that perspiration can help regulate the skin's micro-biome. This prevents harmful bacteria from entering the pores. Third, add your bath oil or foaming shower gel or other body care products to your hot bath water to enjoy it for as long as you like. And finally, relax! Soak for about 20 minutes, then get out of the tub and drink a nice cup of tea. Rinse off in the shower, and then apply body oil from Baïja products to perfume and satinize your skin.
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